Terms & Conditions

All users are required to strictly comply and adhere to all the rules & regulations formulated by the company.
The company reserves the rights to make any policy amendments from time to time in order to ensure complete compliances to its policies & procedures.The company will not allow any outside interference in any matter.Any user should bear a good moral character and should not have any past or present criminal background or record.All the legar matters and cases shall be subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.Once the registration is cancelled the user not allowed to use the logos or symbols of the company.

Checklist For Users

After purchasing of goods from Product Distribution Centre of company,check whether invoice number,Big Brand Shoppy name and address,date,signature of responsible person appears on the sales invoice you receive.Ensure that your own registration number & name appears on the sales invoice and check whether the user price mentioned as per company's latest price list.

Buy Back Policy

If you find any product faulty,damage or having quality problem or if you are not satisfied with the product,you can return it within 15days.After 15 days no claim will be entertained.